Tea Party Sponsors Concealed Carry Classes

Jefferson County Tea Party is sponsoring Concealed Carry classes. You can request to be contacted  to arrange a convenient time for you to complete the class by emailing Info@jeffcoteaparty.com .  A portion of the class fee will be donated to the Tea Party to help defend the 2nd Amendment and other Liberty issues. The fee is $100.00… Continue reading

We Can Do It Too

Wisconsin School Board Stops Common Core

At American Majority, we are doers. We know that our broken political system can only be repaired if people are willing to stop simply talking and do something to fix it. We are hard at work equipping people to take action, organize and win elections. With the New Leaders Project, we specifically ask people,… Continue reading

Remember the Debt Clock?


Tea Party Meeting Announcement

The Tea Party will sponsor a Get To Know Your School Board Candidate event on April 3, 2014.  This event will be for all School Board Candidates who are interested in introducing themselves to the voters and all Citizens interested in meeting and hearing from the candidates before the April elections.
The meeting will be at our home… Continue reading

Truth Seekers: Remember to Verify, Verify, Verify before Trusting.

It’s time for “Deep Thoughts by The KellyJaye.”

deep thoughts<<insert LOL here>>

I will preface this with that no one should take my word alone for what I write.  Do your own research even if that means going to a physical library to help formulate your own opinion.  Except for general reference, there are no links to articles, editorials,… Continue reading

Common Core Resistance



Georgia Republicans, rebelling against what they see as a federal schoolhouse grab, may succeed in a first-in-the-nation bid to derail the so-called Common Core school standards while returning more control of math, social studies, and science curricula to local school districts in the Deep South

Common Core, the new standard for public schools in 45 states and the… Continue reading

A Bit of History

It was in the dead of winter when a group of American Natives were being escorted to a safe haven in S Dakota under the guidance of the US Government. They were officially referred to as hostiles which allowed the US Government to take control of their every move with reason that they were a threat to the safety of… Continue reading

Arnold Red Light Ticket news

No need to pay red-light tickets in Arnold                                        

             … Continue reading

Our Beginning. We are as determined as ever.

american_symbols_screensaver-139594  WATCH            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPq1J6T2cDE

Where is Government Taking us?




With climate change propaganda receiving further scrutiny from growing numbers of the population – one of several potential contributing factors to Obama’s decrease in approval ratings [6] there is considerably less momentum fueling the debate. Tea Party members are addressing issues regarding green infrastructure, comprehensive planning, sustainable development and agriculture… Continue reading

Arnold Red Light Camera Story

Red Light Camera Story from one of our Patriots. Keep this in mind if Arnold tries to pry some extra revenue out of you. They should put their house in order then maybe all citizens could be treated fairly. I don’t expect that to happen unless we get some Patriots elected.
I went to a municipal court hearing, weds, the… Continue reading