Missouri Action Alert – Support HB1512

Missouri State Representative Paul Curtman has introduced HB1512, common-sense legislation that protects Missourians’ individual constitutional rights from foreign laws or legal doctrines where the application of those laws/doctrines would violate those constitutional rights.  No particular foreign law is singled out.   The proposal applies to them all.

This Bill needs our support ASAP!  Why?  Please read my post, “Urgent: Stop the UN Resolution Convention on the Rights of the Child!”.

The United States Congress has in the works to ratify this UN Contractin November of this year!  Once ratified, the “government would have the right to intercede or supersede if officials believe the parents are doing something that is not in the best interest of the child based on a UN Council.”
The CRC purports to protect children, but would replace fit parents with government bureaucrats and judges as the first line of defense for our kids. In addition, it would take family law authority away from our states and make it an international treaty obligation at the federal level.

This is because under Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, any ratified treaty becomes the supreme law of the land, and the judges in every state are bound by it, regardless of conflicts with federal law or state laws or constitutions.
Cohen and Debenedet cite Reid v. Covert to contend that our concern is false because “no international treaty has the power to override the U.S. Constitution.”  But this ignores the fact that parental rights do not appear in the Constitution; they are implied rights found in the Fourteenth Amendment. The Court in Reid v. Covert addressed rights not expressly in the Constitution, such as parental rights, thus: “To the extent that the United States can validly make treaties, the people and the States have delegated their authority to the National Government, and the Tenth Amendment is no barrier” 354 U.S. 1 (1957).

Fortunately, Act For America is aware of this bill and has done an email blast to get people to call/email/etc the Missouri House Judiciary Committee to co-sponsor this bill.

From the email:

There is a large and growing base of support for “American Laws for American Courts” legislation, like HB1209. A variety of interfaith groups, including the American Islamic Leadership Coalition, as well as eight leaders in the national security arena have come out in strong support of American Laws for American Courts legislation.
Brigitte Gabriel and our national staff have made the passage of this bill a top priority for the 2012 legislative session. This is a vital step in the overall protection of the nation. This erosion of Constitutional authority must be stopped.

***Action Item ***
We need you to urge members of the Missouri House Judiciary Committee to co-sponsor HB1512 and to move it through their committee as soon as possible. Please let them know that this bill is of highest priority to you!

Please respectfully relay the following sentiments in your own words in an e-mail.
Tip:   Simply copy and paste the legislator’s e-mail address found below into your email BCC slot. In one e-mail you can contact all of committee members.

Dear Representative,

I urge you to support and co-sponsor HB1512, introduced by Representative Paul Curtman, in order to protect the constitutional rights of Missourians from the incursion of foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines. We must maintain the authority of the Missouri and U.S. Constitutions.

This bill is of the utmost importance to me!

Thank you for your leadership on this vital matter.


(Your name and city)

Missouri House Judiciary Committee

Stanley.Cox@house.mo.gov (Chair)

Kevin.Elmer@house.mo.gov (Vice Chair)












Please support this bill and share wide and far!   As long as the Article VI of the U.S. Constitution exists, we must protect Missouri our families and our children from these foreign treaties!

Want to do more to help stop the UNCRC?  Go to ParentalRights.org.


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  • HC
    HC says:

    I will help with this.
    Here is another, if it could somehow get on the main page!

    Please help to verify WI recall signatures from anywhere in the US. The Democrats are ALL in on this one and it’s WAR! Gov. Walker and the others have to verify ALL the signatures themselves. The GAB says it will not and it’s up to the candidates to do that.
    Governor Walker and any legislator facing recall will have a whopping ten days to verify the hundreds of thousands of signatures are valid. (WHICH WE KNOW THEY ARE NOT)
    That’s right. Ten days. SPREAD THE LINK, PLEASE.

    *****However, the Walker campaign could go to court to contest GAB’s finding that the petitions are sufficient or for more time or to contest the validity of the signatures.*****
    The opposition just brought on 1mill. new signatures to really make it impossible!



  • KellyJaye
    KellyJaye says:

    Thanks, HC. I have copied it into a post: Our Winsconsin Patriots Needs Help
    I will share this on other sites as well.

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