Calling All Patriots to Rally in Missouri for Common Sense on May 19th!


The Rally for Common Sense is now able to sell tickets at the ‘door.’ 

Please pass the word around to:
1)  Those who do not have or want internet access (seniors, rural folks, etc).
2)  Those who do not like to pay on-line.

Get your fliers here: Rally for Common Sense:  Get Involved!

Calling all Conservative, Constitution-Loving Patriots:
Let’s get ready for November at the
Rally for Common Sense!

We may not have agreed on who the Republican presidential candidate should be.  We may not share precisely the same social views.  We DO agree on the Constitutional principles of smaller government, a balanced budget, lower taxes and less federal interference in our lives.  We the People are coming and we want our power back!  It’s Common Sense.

So, please join us for this day-long family style event Rally for Common Sense on Saturday, May 19th, at the private farm The Patriot Field of Dreams, in Holts Summit, Missouri.  Gates will open at 10:00am central, with two stages, nationally recognized speakers, top entertainers, patriot vendors, exhibitors and fun activities for the entire family.

Bring your lawn chairs and blankets, sun shades and Frisbees, for the most unique rally ever.  Remember your camera, too!  We will be setting up a Shutterfly account for folks to upload their personal photos and share their experience with patriots worldwide!
But even if you forget your camera, documentarian Alex Rife will be recording the event, along with professional photographers, Robert Brenner and Sasha Borisov.

What to Expect:
Guest speakers and entertainers include:  Herman Cain, Alan Keyes, Dr. Gina Loudon, Zo Rachel, Reverend C.L.Bryant, Mark Block, Alfonzo Rachel, Dee Rock, William Temple, Dave Roland, Stacy Swimp, Darin Chappell, Michelle Moore, CEO of WND, Joseph Farah (CEO of WND), Selena Owens, and Stacy E. Washington.

Our Partners include:  The National Rifle Association, The Media Research Center, Smart Girl Politics Action, The Conservative Woman Tour, Jamie Allman and FM News Talk 97.1 (St. Louis, MO), Nick Reed and 104.1 KSGF (Springfield, MO), Gary Nolan and Eagle 93.9 (Columbia, MO), and Handy Jon.

You never know who you’re going to run into at the Rally for Common Sense. One minute you might hear “Fourscore and seven years ago” by Abraham Lincoln and then you round the corner and get to meet Frederick Douglass for the first time. Maybe even see Ben Franklin fly his famous kite.  (Bring your OWN kite.)  Who knows?

Between our featured speakers there will be mini-seminars on the Arena Ideas Stage, covering topics such as the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, nullification and other Constitutional issues. “Occupying” Common Sense will take on new meaning.

The Bottom Line:
We will even be having a Chicken Dinner!

Also, there are rural sites for camping whether via your tent or RV from noon on Friday, the 18th, to noon on Sunday, the 20th.  Bonus for campers:  There will be evening activities and a Sunday morning outdoor church service (non-denominational).

Prices are as follows:

  • $10 for Rally (kids under 16 are free)
  • $7 for Chicken Dinner (kids under 6 eat free)
  • $10 Tent Pass
  • $20 RV Pass

Funds collected above and beyond our direct expenses will be distributed (via grants) to like-minded civic organizations.  See Donations page for more information.

One more thing:  Looking for a non-profit fundraiser?  Want to be part of Campaign Village?  Click here.  We also welcome volunteers, from your home and/or on-site.

About Us
Rally for Common Sense has been organized by unpaid volunteers, however, there are significant direct costs.  It’s a careful balancing act between creating an event of this magnitude and at the same time, ensuring we keep the Rally affordable for everyone.  Rally for Common Sense is entirely self-funded; our only revenue stream is ticket sales, booth rental, and individual donations.
Listen to Kim Paris, one of the founders of the Rally, here.

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  • KellyJaye
    KellyJaye says:

    Buy your ticket online TODAY and be registered to win the MEET AND GREET of your choice! NEW WINNERS every day!
    Only CPAC rivals Rally for Common Sense for patriot star power!

    Herman Cain
    Alan Keyes
    Alfonzo Rachel
    Gina Loudon
    Rev. C.L.Bryant
    Selena Owens
    Joseph Farah
    Mark Block
    K. Carl Smith
    Stacy Swimp
    Stacy E. Washington
    Michelle Moore
    Dee Rock

    Every day ~ starting Wednesday, May 9th ~ until the Rally, we will randomly select a ticket purchaser (from that day) who will win the Meet and Greet of their choice.

    (To accommodate folks that have already purchased their tickets, we will also choose one winner from among that group).

    Don’t miss YOUR chance to meet the speaker of your choice! Buy your tickets at

    Winners announced on Facebook everyday!

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