Let Jefferson County Vote On Term Limits And Non Partisan Elections!

The County Council will decide Monday night if Jefferson County voters will be given a chance to cast a vote for term limits and non-partisan elections (don’t have to declare a party) for elected county officials.  Since both ordinances are amendments to the County Charter, they require five Council votes and just under 58% to pass at the ballot box in November.  The term limit ordinance requires that no elected official can serve more than a total of 12 years or three four year terms.  Rasmussen did a poll in Sept of 2011 and found that 71% of likely voters supported term limits for Congress, 14% are opposed, and 15% are undecided.  To think those results would be any different at the local level, in my opinion is naive.  Click here for poll results.

You would think this would be a no-brainer vote for the Council to let voters decide both these issues at the ballot box, especially when a super majority of 58% is needed to pass.  Unfortunately I am hearing thinks like this is just not the right time, or I was in favor of term limits before, but I have changed my mind now.  I was for it before I was against it, sound familiar?  Not the right time?  When is a good time?

Personally I am a strong advocate of term limits, but undecided on non-partisan elections.  A strong case can be made that for Conservatives in Jefferson County, non-partisan elections would be beneficial, as most voters agree with us on individual issues. Take away the party affiliation and you open the door to a slew of additional votes.  Veteran politicians in Jefferson County know exactly what I am talking about.  Think about it, why do you think most politicians don’t put their party affiliation on campaign literature?  Because they want to attract as many votes as possible without being immediately disqualified because of party affiliation.  When it comes to state and federal elections, I believe party affiliation is needed, especially when your dealing with a lot of social issues like abortion, gay marriage etc., but these are not issues at the county level.  I respect positions on both sides of each argument, but this is about letting us decide what kind of government we want.  What is the political risk of letting us decide?

I noticed that included on Monday nights agenda that Hillsboro Library District supporters have gathered enough signatures and are proposing an annual tax to help support the library.  The majority of the Council must vote in favor of the petition so the tax increase can be put before the voters.  I wonder if those that are against allowing a vote on term limits and non-partisan elections will vote yes, and allow a vote on a new tax?

I will update you on how each member of the Council voted and plan on having video of the vote as well.  Stay tuned.

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  • Hank says:

    If you believe in WE THE PEOPLE GOVERNMENT, then do something and show up at the meeting and show your support. We can’t expect elected officials to respond to our wants if we are not heard. Stand up and be heard, you won’t be alone. Come to the meeting.

  • ProudMoVet
    kirkwood76 says:

    As a proud member of the JEFFERSON COUNTY TEA PARTY, I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Horton in the points he so eloquently made in his remarks!
    Mr. Horton cited that and I quote, “Rasmussen did a poll in Sept of 2011 and found that 71% of likely voters supported term limits for Congress, 14% are opposed, and 15% are undecided.”
    I certainly identify with the “71%” of those voters who staunchly support term limits and I YES I “do” believe in “WE THE PEOPLE!” I also staunchly support the core values of the JEFFERSON COUNTY TEA PARTY such as a constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets….this is specifically why I became a member of the JEFFERSON COUNTY TEA PARTY! Unless you are just a typical mind numb, dumb as sheep, blind, liberal robot, it’s blatantly obvious that the Washington, D. C. elites (President O’Vomit, “Dirty” Harry Reid, and the “wicked witch of the west” Nancy Pelosi just to name a few) are blatantly refusing to serve the “will” of the American people! Rather they choose to promote not only THEMSELVES but their personal and misguided political agenda down our throats! To deny the voters of Jefferson County the opportunity to voice their opinion at the ballot box over the issue of term limits, tax increases, or whatever other issue that comes before the Jefferson County Council is an outrage and reeks of “Pelosi-ism!” It is specifically “WE THE PEOPLE” of Jefferson County that put the Jefferson County Council members where they sit today….some of them appear to have forgotten that fact! Simply put, either serve at the “WILL OF THE PEOPLE” or lose our support…..the choice is theirs!
    In the words of Michael Corleone, “it’s not personal…..it’s strictly business.”

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