Our Last Meeting

We had a good meeting on January 3.  If you were not there, we missed you.

We are more determined than ever to resist having our constitution and rights destroyed. Many Patriots are bummed out due to the November results. We view this as a disappointing battle but not the end of the war.  Our county has been in some very low points before but Patriots pulling together has always made a difference.  We do not have to be in the majority to win but we must utilize  our resources to their best advantage.  Actually we were very close as the numbers show and I think the difference was that many liberty minded voters did not show up and some others voted for candidates that had no chance of winning and did nothing but help the enemy. We need to realize that Liberals do not hold the majority in the House Of Representatives and we need to keep pressure on The House to do the right thing. We must point out those who call them selves conservatives but sell us out on key issues.

Please pay close attention to our web site for updates and if you are not receiving our news letters please register your email address with us on the site so that you will. We will be working hard through April to get conservatives elected to seats in the county where they are badly needed and we also plan on some activity regarding our 2nd amendment rights. We will need your help. If any of you would consider running for anything in the county we would be most interested in talking with you.

Remember what Edmund Burke told us. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

We are hoping the best for you and yours in the new year.


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  • HC
    HC says:

    ED MARTIN has been elected as the new Missouri GOP State Party Chair…

    • HC
      HC says:

      Do we need to set him straight on women and minorities already?
      Or is this the way it is spun in the article?
      This would only encourage continued separation or division.
      We are for ALL Americans equally, w/o special favors, to subdue the progressives,
      who will only use it as a tool for attack, getting a conversation going that is only distraction.
      I guess they would do that with anything, but why encourage it from the start?
      IMO, it would be just more “rolling over”, unless seen as a way for better messaging (not negative or condescending).
      But that should still be an overall approach!

      I guess I hope it is how the article is spun.

      Cole had received unanimous support from the state’s congressional delegation and most statewide officials, but lost on Saturday in part due to the party’s failure in nearly every statewide election last November. Speaking to members of the committee, Cole defended his work — particularly having to do with U.S. Rep. Todd Akin’s damaging U.S. Senate campaign.


      I see good reasons why he lost in that quote, but still by only 2 points.

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