State of this Fragmented Union: A Reflection of Ourselves

It’s been a number of months since I posted, and thanks to JCTP Admin for not purging my account!  I have been a turtle so-to-speak, busy “regrouping, reanalyzing, and rebuilding my life.”

There is a lot of ‘stuff’ regarding current events banging around in my head, and believe it or not, trying to get it down on virtual paper has been a challenge.

Is this as simple as a Bloggers Block?  Or just an overwhelming amount of “Face Palm” idiocy occurring in our government and society?  I think it is a mixture of both.

Like most, including some on the ‘left,’ I was totally befuddled {understatement} about the relatively quick re-election of Barrack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, as well as a continuation of a Democrat-controlled Senate, and a Republican-controlled House.  {{sigh}}
While at first I thought surely this mostly due to wide spread cases of voter fraud, and while I agree there is an irrefutable proof of  several instances of it (along with, yet again, the suppression of votes from our troops overseas), I believe now it was – and still is – a reflection of our society as a whole (stressing the ‘I’ for like any other blogger, it is of my opinion and not necessarily the views of those who are kind enough to provide a forum to express my opinions <== disclaimer).

Have we not raised a generation of  entitlement seekers, victims, whiners and elitists?

During the ‘tech boom,’ we encouraged a generation to believe they do not have to roll up their sleeves and work hard to achieve their goals.

We did not reject the Federal involvement in the banking and housing industry during the Clinton years, creating a generation of minorities who they have to be on the government’s teat in order to have anything of merit.

We continue to vote for those who promise to make our lives easier, convincing us there is always something and/or someone else to blame for our lot in life.

We are a confused and screwed up lot.  Our leaders are a screwed up lot.  We are not sure who we are and what we want.  Hence, this Country has and continues to have what we have had over the last four years.  Well, except for a President who now has nothing to lose – no pending re-election, feeling free to employ unconstitutional powers he accused and bemoaned his predecessor of using; “Never again!” we were told.

Two cliches come to mind:

You knew it was a snake when you picked it up.
Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

Is this our mantra, have we convinced ourselves:  It’s never our fault.  It’s never my fault; I am not part of the problem  You are.
Do we not have a President who ascribes to that belief regarding himself ~ unless, of course, it politically behooves him to appear that he is taking responsibility?  (Side note:  Notice when he begins to stutter, anything he states after contains lies, half-truths, statements he does not believe in himself.)

There are many who are now surprised that ‘Obamacare’  isn’t the salvation they thought it was.  They are asking, forgetting completely Pelosi’s famous words ‘You need to pass the bill in order to know what is in it,’

How was this allowed?  Didn’t anyone read that {xxx} was in it?  That it was going to cause {zzz}?!

Some of us sadly chuckle, shaking our heads, telling them,

I told you so before and after it was passed  what was coming.  Just like now.  The ‘middle class’ were going to be punched in the gut by all the new taxes after the first of January ~ regardless of what our illustrious leader tricked so many into believing.

So, here we are.

Add to the above the Socialist and Communist groups from the ’60s and ’70s who ‘hated the man,’ realized the only way to ‘beat the man’ in the long run was to ‘become the man.’  They soaked themselves in the lessons of Saul Alinsky. And worked on getting in the door, no longer how it took.

Today, they are the people who lead and influence society through slick propaganda, not-my-fault blame-games, reckless irresponsibility, and fragmenting the public – pitting you and I against each other, encouraging civilian’ warfare’ by promoting hate based on class, race, age, education, moral beliefs, ad nauseam.  The end-game is to drag us down all to the same level, and convince us that the Federal Government is the only answer to our woes.

Government, Education, Non-Profits:  Through our taxes, we pay for those who subtlety subscribe and teach Revisionist History, socialism, and communism.

We allow the textbooks used by teachers to be developed in secrecy; the parents nor the actual teachers have little to no influence.
We allow our School Districts live in fear of going broke if they do not follow without question the ‘suggested’ National Lesson Plans.
We begin to allow ourselves to believe that parents are no longer their children’s best teacher if they do not follow lock-step with the agenda in place today.

We are being led by and follow continuous hypocrisy.  What are we blinded by?  Why do we not question?

We are surprised by and complain of the absence of objective journalism.  But we do not question why there is the lack of it.

We are told that entrepreneurs are the back bone of our Country, while punishing those who do succeed beyond what is acceptable by some one’s subjective definition.  Our industries, including Farming, have become so intertwined with Federal money, they no longer believe they are sustainable without it.

We tell our children to strive to do their best, while the schools are told to reward everyone, regardless of their effort.

We continue to proclaim we have ‘nothing to fear but fear itself;’ yet we censor ourselves in fear of being ridiculed, and being falsely accused of racism and bigotry.  We succumb to those who debate us using intimidation.

We stress the power of the individual, but at the same time we allow repression of the freedoms ascribed to us by the laws of man….and the laws of our God, if you believe in a higher power such as I do.

We tell ourselves we still have the freedom of choice, but at the same time we accept that those choices to be limited or taken away as long as it does not affect our own lives.  And if one has a ‘negative’ consequence of that choice he or she made?  The blame goes to society, and that is who is forced to pay for it.

We tell each other that one must take responsibility for his or her actions, but at the same time we are told at every level that the one who commits the crime is but a victim of ‘this or that;’ he or she should not be blamed for it is because of awful our society is!  The only answer is for our politicians to create legislation to prohibit what ever they deem must be at fault.  If if that cannot happen fast enough, to hell with the rules that bind them ~ let our President decree it upon us!

What are we subscribing to? Do we pick that the needs of the {illusive} many outweigh the needs of the few?  Or is it the other way around?

Rather than this Republic, is it better to live by mob rule?  Is that not but a pure democracy our forefathers knew would eventually crush the Nation, leaving the concept of individual choice in ruins?

Have our lives become so completely dependent on who is elected every four years?  Do we no longer truly think for ourselves?

Our moral compass is out of whack.  Our ability to use common sense is out of whack.  Our ability to govern ourselves and our own families is out of whack.

So, how are we surprised when everything from our local communities to our Federal Government is in such a sad state?

Who let it get this way?

We did.

Are we beyond hope?  Shall we finally stand down, and actually believe we know not what we do?


Who will heal this Nation?  Who can bring it back from the brink of despair?

Me.  You.  Us.  In another word: ‘We.’

We can and will fight for the individual, for the freedom to choose.

We can and will  teach our children to take responsibility for their own actions, and to learn from their own mistakes.

We can and will encourage, not discourage, others to learn how to work for their goals, to achieve their aspirations.  Nobody else can do it for them.

We can and will exemplify through our own lives how we do not give up no matter what travesties we face.  The path each one of us takes is not to be decided by any certain place, person or thing.  It is up to one person:  yourself.

We can and will remember how to lift each other up, not to not belittle ones’ choices, ones’ definition of happiness.

We can and will stop others from building walls of oppression where there were none before.

We can and will stop being tricked into segmenting ourselves, hating those who have because we have not.

We can and will recognize what monsters envy makes of us, and not let ourselves be convinced that it really means people not getting and giving their fair share.

We can and will  allow ourselves to accept we are imperfect, and accept imperfection from others.

We can and will learn to own those imperfections, but not to let it define ourselves, to not live by what we can not do, but what we can do.

We can and will remember that to be able to live life as we choose, no matter our lot in life, that there is no need to force our personal choices on others in order to be ‘accepted.’

We can and will no longer allow others to expect anyone to give up his or her freedoms, to denounce or hide what he or she believes in because it is not congruent to choices another person makes.

We can and will  stop the proliferation of imagined discrimination in order to take away the freedoms of others.

We can and will understand and accept that life just sucks sometimes because there are things we cannot control, because each one of us has the freedom of choice.  And that freedom is worth the price.

We can and will  accept that we do need to b*tch, moan and cry over the past, no matter how big or small the hurt and injustice,
but we can and will remember to use it as one of life’s many lessons, and move on.  We really can get over ourselves.

And, lastly, but not least,

We can and will  go back to being able to laugh at ourselves and each other.

We can and will stop being afraid to speak our minds, for fear of being offensive.

We really are strong enough to not only state and stand up for the truth, but to accept the truth no matter what we want the truth to be.

We can and will re-learn what the purpose of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence was written for.
Why the Bill of Rights were created.
They are not dated.  They are not obsolete.
What the documents stand for is what we need to fight for, more than ever.

Our forefathers did not give up, did not give in.  They not only did it for their time, but for their future.
And we need to not give up, not give in.  For our time, and for our future.

We can and we will.

Just sayin.’

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