Missouri, We Are Taxed Enough Already

From Americans for Prosperity – Missouri:

This January “Americans for Prosperity MO” launched an effort to assemble information on all types of tax increases, fee increases, bonding measures, use taxes, etc. on April ballots across Missouri.

They found Missourians will vote on over 229 proposed tax increases in local elections on April 2nd.

A staggering 80% of Missouri counties have at least one form of a tax increase proposal on the ballot.

KJ: AFP has list on webpage; be sure to sign ‘Enough is Enough’ petition!
You can also get it directly from Scrbid AFP Municipality Project .
Or click here for the Copy of 125178916-AFP-MO-Municipality-Project. **

Jefferson County Rockwood R-6 SD / DeSoto Fire Protection District/ Rock Community Fire District/Crystal City use tax /Festus use tax// City of Pevely Hotel/Motel Tax/ City of Pevely increase in business license fees 7  tax increases

IMPORTANT NOTE To help local activists defeat these tax increases we (AFP MO) have prepared a “How to Fight a Local Tax Increase” presentation.  We will be glad to travel to your county and teach your local activists how to stop these proposed increases.   For more information contact Kent Strang at kstrang@afphq.org.

Also, The Americans for Prosperity Torchbearer   program was created for Missouri activists who are guardians of economic prosperity and liberty in their communities.   Missouri torchbearers are recognized as leaders, not only through their dedication to the fight to preserve our financial freedoms, but also by their commitment to illuminate those efforts that try to dismantle it.   By becoming an AFP torchbearer you will stand out among your peers as a leader in the fight for prosperity.   Click here to join:  Missouri Torchbearer Membership

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