True the Vote: We Need to Get to Work

From the Missouri Precinct Project,  short, sweet and to -the-point!

True the Vote has the Registered Voter Database for the whole state of Missouri and they are getting monthly updates.  In addition, starting in June, True the Vote will be able to cross-check Missouri’s data against all other states.

They are wanting volunteers who can check voter records and challenge discrepancies online from their home computer. A $25 training fee is required before you can start. T  he system is set up to check this database by county.
Frieda Keogh is the county coordinator for St.Louis County and has a team of research volunteers (left over from last year). St.Louis County has a database of about 700,000 records and it would take a team of about 30-40 people working on this for a number of years to make a difference.   But we have to start somewhere.

 Anybody can sign up to be a volunteer at  True The Vote News.   You will be automatically assigned to the county of your residence.   John Putnam ,,  is the State Coordinator for Missouri.


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