Remember the Debt Clock?

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  • George Thompson
    George Thompson says:

    I’ve been tracking this debt clock since 11/30/2009. At first, I had to round many of the numbers when I entered them into my Excel spreadsheet. One day, I thought I’d attempt making a screen capture of the rapidly whirring numbers. Worked wonderfully. Now I can enter the exact numbers precisely limited only by my poor eyesight and typing skills. I now have a library of screen captures dating back to 4/21/2010. I only take the shot on days the NYSE is open for business. I am thrilled to share my data with anyone intending to use it to battle the fiscal insanity of the majority of both major parties in Congress led by the big-spender-in-chief in the White House. The screenshots are saved in MS-Word format (.doc). The spreadsheet, as noted earlier is MS-Excel (.xls).

    It should be noted that I do not have full confidence in the accuracy of these numbers as they appear to be formula generated, that is incremented at a defined rate of change. Still it is good enough for government work.

    Any liking a copy simply email your request to me at with a brief note why the request. There is but one spreadsheet, so it would be a good thing to have as many duplicates spread around as possible. There are numerous screen shots, so please specify the date(s) of interest, only limited by your email provider’s attachment quota.

    Of particular interest is that these numbers indicate that the Big Spender’s share of our total debt as of yesterday at 6:30 AM CDT (I try to take the shots at the same time) was 39.3% and the Debt to GDP ratio is 108.3%.

    Live free and prosper. – George

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