Elections 2014

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I don’t have to remind True Patriots how important tomorrow’s election is to our hard earned liberties and our children’s future prosperity. The Tea Party has worked hard since 2010 to get real conservative¬† servants installed in positions in the county, state and federal governments. We have faced stiff opposition at every election as well as every conservative issue brought before the government bodies. Have our elected conservatives been perfect in every instance since then? No, but neither did we expect them to be.¬† One thing is certain. The progressives, those who do not understand the benefits of what liberty has brought to the prosperity of our people, or those who simply refuse to give up the idea of power and control for a few, will never lay idle their quest to move government out of the hands of We The People and into the control of big government. Sadly it has become our job to prevent that from happening. But, the Founders of our Nation knew as much and warned us that this would be necessary if we are to remain a Free Republic. Do your job tomorrow to get to the poles and vote for liberty minded candidates and remind and help others do the same. We owe this to our Fore Fathers and grand children.
May we continue to look to God for the blessings of liberty that were endowed by our Creator.
Patriots, we have a Republic, if we can keep it.


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