Next Meeting Date January 22, 2015.

Patriots, lets meet again. Our next meeting will be on January 22, 2015 at 7:00PM at our home location, TBC Venue in Pevely MO.

The Liberals in Congress and in our County took it on the chin in November. It is too bad that every Senator in Congress was not up for re-election. Maybe their chin would not have been big enough to withstand the blow. However, we have 2 years to do everything we can to eliminate another batch of tyrants and to hold the newly elected servants to their constitutional oath and their promises. The Tea Party groups can claim success in many of these contests. We can not lay down now. The minuet we do we will be overrun. We can not concede the ground we have gained. We owe it to our children. Lets get the new year off to a good start. Plan on attending our next meeting, get energized to join Patriots all across our county, state and nation in restoring our Republic to the liberties defined for us by our Founding Fathers. Invite new Patriots or potential Patriots to join us. George Washington said that the only keepers of the Constitution are The People.

I have not sent reminders recently to those of you who have pledged ongoing monitory support to us. Even when we do not meet we still have expenses and the need to build a war fund for the liberty battles coming up. So if you can send a generous donation to help us it will be greatly appreciated. You can mail it to PO Box 43 Imperial Mo. 63052, made payable to Jefferson County Tea Party.

I am very pleased to announce that our guest speaker for the meeting will be Edward Cage. I have followed Mr. Cage by his editorial posts for some time now and he is a true Patriot. He is a solid common sense conservative and gets it. Mr. Cage has experiences that none of the rest of us can relate to. Listening to Edward’s conversion from hard left liberal to hard right conservative promises to be an educational experience you won’t forget and an encouragement builder.

Edward Cage was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Raised on the city’s North side, he was faced with countless challenges, each of which he overcame.  Edward’s teen years were full of pain and confusion, including running with a gang and becoming a father at the age of sixteen.  He dropped out of high school and began to sell drugs, but when so many of his old school mates were killed or locked up, Edward decided to make a change and got a job at a sandwich shop. While working there he learned a great truth:   he couldn’t read or write. Mad at the world generally and white people specifically, he turned to Islam. But as he taught himself to read and write, he started to see life in Black America differently. He stopped feeling sorry for himself, and walked away from Islam. This journey has taken him from liberalism to being a God-fearing, strong-minded, thought-provoking, in-your-face Christian Conservative with an attitude. As Edward says, “Once I was able to read past a third grade level with comprehension I never voted Democratic again, I ran with my wife and kids off the plantation to freedom.”

Lets celebrate together on January 22 for what we have been given and what we must defend.


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