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Red Light $cameras Struck down in the City of St. Louis, will Arnold see the light?

Today Judge Mark Neill’s ruling in the Alexa Smith et al. v. City of St. Louis case was released. The ruling today upholds a preliminary ruling from May of 2011 and strikes down and renders void the City of St. Louis’s Red Light Camera Ordinance 66868. This was done on 2 points.

1) Count I-That the City of St.… Continue reading

Shenanigans and Apathy in Arnold

The political machine in Arnold continues on the same path of doing as they choose, even if that means putting their wants and desires above the wishes and best interests of the residents of Arnold.  Many of you probably remember the contentious council meetings last year when large numbers of locals showed up to voice their displeasure over the… Continue reading

Issues in Arnold, MO

This is taken from her Facebook Page!


There have been a few issues lately that I think need to be brought to light. The first being our city ordinance, that requires the Community Development Engineer’s position  be filled by an engineer registered with the State of Missouri. According to state statutes, in order for an engineer to be… Continue reading

City of Arnold and Red Light Camera Vendor American Traffic Solutions Hit with Multi-Million Dollar Class Action Lawsuit

**Updated: September 13th, 2011: An Amended Complaint, which can be found below, was filed against the City of Arnold, Missouri with regard to their use of Red Light Cameras was filed with the Jefferson County Circuit Court on 09/12/2011. Among the allegations in the new complaint are that the City conspired with ATS to draft an ordinance and RFP which… Continue reading

In response to Patrick Martin’s editorial July 14th

This is the complete letter I sent to Pat Martin regarding a memo written by City of Arnold Councilman Phil Amato .  Most of it was published in the Aug 18th edition of the Leader.  You can read Mr Amato’s memo by clicking here.

Dear Mr. Martin,
This letter is regarding a memo written… Continue reading

Arnold’s Proposed Budget Reveals Some Ugly Truths About Bureaucrats Poor Spending Habits

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” – John Adams, 1770

On August 11th, the Arnold City Council discussed the upcoming fiscal year 2012 budget at a work session.  One of the worst things for politicians… Continue reading

Arnold Councilman Phil Amato put on probation by Missouri Ethics Commission




Arnold Councilman Phil Amato has been sanctioned by the Missouri Ethics Commission for not itemizing $3,650 in campaign contributions stemming from an unsuccessful bid for a Jefferson County Council seat. Democrat Phil Amato lost the election for the county position in November but was elected to the Arnold City Council in April to represent the city’s Third… Continue reading

Arnold Councilman Paul Freese Plays Class Warfare




Arnold Councilman Paul Freese showed his disdain for people who make more money than him when commenting on an issue before the Arnold City Council recently.  Rob Rosenfeld owns and operates the Ozark Hills Mobile Home Court near the Ozark Bridge which was replaced last year.  Rosenfeld is one of eight property owners in the… Continue reading