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Come on and #FillTheField .. This is for YOU Patriots!

First off, props to Jefferson County Tea Party for allowing me to post here!  And props to all, like the St. Louis Tea Party, for paying it forward by sharing this!

So, with out further ado…
Did you get your FREE ticket yet?

This Weekend IS the
Rally for Common Sense!

The Foundation for Common Sense has been… Continue reading

Come Fill the Field at The 2nd Annual MO Rally for Common Sense!


2013 banner

If you were at Rally 2012, you remember how it felt as you entered The Patriot Field of Dreams


More than 1,000 Midwestern grassroots “boots on the ground” gathered on May 19, 2012.

A lot has happened since then.

You asked. We heard you.

Let’s gather the tribe AGAIN!

Saturday, Oct. 12
Gates Open at 8:30am
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Missouri, We Are Taxed Enough Already

From Americans for Prosperity – Missouri:

This January “Americans for Prosperity MO” launched an effort to assemble information on all types of tax increases, fee increases, bonding measures, use taxes, etc. on April ballots across Missouri.

They found Missourians will vote on over 229 proposed tax increases in local elections on April 2nd.

A staggering 80% of Missouri counties have… Continue reading



In a rare appearance, President Obama took time out of his busy campaign schedule and spoke this morning at the Presser held by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.  The Big Man on Campus  ‘stopped’ by to clarify his dooms-day foretelling if his sequester is allowed to pass.  Here is a snippet of… Continue reading

State of this Fragmented Union: A Reflection of Ourselves

It’s been a number of months since I posted, and thanks to JCTP Admin for not purging my account!  I have been a turtle so-to-speak, busy “regrouping, reanalyzing, and rebuilding my life.”

There is a lot of ‘stuff’ regarding current events banging around in my head, and believe it or not, trying to get it down on virtual paper… Continue reading


It;s time for us to ALL get together and DEMAND that our Reps. & Congress in total start seriously looking at the Fair Tax. We need to get this on ALL local ballots ASAP. WE THE PEOPLE need to come together and END the UNCONSTITUTIONAL income tax. Ever since the government found out the people would pay off our war… Continue reading

Obamabots Assume You Will Ignore the Facts. Prove Them Wrong.

Perusing various reports, and attacks regarding ‘Ryan’s Plan’ vs Obama/Obamacare, I gathered this info. Let’s all start on the same page, first:  Path to Prosperity2013.

Also, reflect upon the fact that the current Medicare system is already on course for technical bankruptcy. As the latest Trustees Report notes:

“The HI [Medicare] fund again fails the test of short-range financial… Continue reading

HR1146 – There Really IS a Bill to Get United States Out of the U.N.!

Rather than consistently spending time and money to stop adoption of United Nation Treaties, Conventions, ad naseum, or defunding every individual piece that passes, would it not be more efficient to just withdraw from the United Nations?  It has become a socialistic bureaucratic mess, and feel free to look back at all the posts made on this site regarding… Continue reading

What Has Our Employees Done Today?

Not that I REALLY needed to subscribe to one more list/report/newsie/blog/etc, but I found this was an efficient way to see what our Representatives in Congress have been up to.  GovTrk provides one a way to “track the activites of the United States Congress.”

This is what came in my mailbox today, showing what work they are actually doing.… Continue reading

Urgent – Fax to Repeal Obamatax!

A urgent message from MOPP ~ Please share!
Below you will find a way to make your voice heard regarding the repeal of Obamacare to be voted on by the U.S. House of Representatives tomorrow, July 11.
We realize this is outside the direct purview of MOPP’s mission, however, we feel confident that many, if not most, of MOPP supporters… Continue reading