Red Light Cameras

Patriots must keep fighting, it pays off

By Ken Leiser 314-340-8215

Red Light $cameras Struck down in the City of St. Louis, will Arnold see the light?

Today Judge Mark Neill’s ruling in the Alexa Smith et al. v. City of St. Louis case was released. The ruling today upholds a preliminary ruling from May of 2011 and strikes down and renders void the City of St. Louis’s Red Light Camera Ordinance 66868. This was done on 2 points.

1) Count I-That the City of St.… Continue reading

City of Arnold and Red Light Camera Vendor American Traffic Solutions Hit with Multi-Million Dollar Class Action Lawsuit

**Updated: September 13th, 2011: An Amended Complaint, which can be found below, was filed against the City of Arnold, Missouri with regard to their use of Red Light Cameras was filed with the Jefferson County Circuit Court on 09/12/2011. Among the allegations in the new complaint are that the City conspired with ATS to draft an ordinance and RFP which… Continue reading

Wolves in our midst- 4 Republicans who love Red Light cameras and Goldman Sachs’s Money

As disgusting as it is that Red Light Cameras are being used to fund the South St. Louis Democratic Machine via Joyce Aboussie’s nearly 10% cut of American Traffic Solutions revenue from the state of Missouri, what is even more disgusting is the Republicans that are so enamored with American Traffic Solutions, that they support this scam.  I… Continue reading